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Ski and Snowboard Saver

Tops for Ski and Board Tops

Ski School Ski Saver
Liftlines, crossing skis and transporting cause damage to ski and board tops


Bulk Roles
Bulk Rolls for rentals, demos and service
Ski SaverTM Protective Tape
  • Completely transparent and unnoticeable on skis and boards
  • Prolongs rental life
    (5" x 300 foot roll - protects 35-40 pair of skis)
  • Adds 20-25% increase in resale value
  • Great service add-on for customer's skis: Charge extra for installation
  • Ski Saver is great for protecting bar codes on rental fleets
  • Easy to apply and removes cleanly without adhesive residue

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FAQs and PropertiesRemember the jar? We no longer offer the retail kits because of cost increases. But in the late 80's early 90's they were sold in virtually every ski shop in America and Canada. Applying Ski Tape
Snowboard SaverTM
  • Same material as original Ski Saver
    (12" x 100 foot roll - protects 20-25 boards)
  • Protects rentals and Customer's boards
  • Increases resale value
  • Service add-on
  • Installs in minutes in 1-2 foot sections or over the entire length of the board in one piece 4-5 feet long and trims easily with blade
  • Removes cleanly without adhesive residue

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